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In his nominations of the 30 senators who will complete the elected of March 25, the President of the Republic Paul Biya surprised the comrades of the Department of Vina, Adamaoua region.

While the political elite of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement had better expectations in this act of recognition, the leaders of the chief town of Adamaoua are being sidelined by the decree of April 12, 2018. Among the most The unfortunate figure is headed by the now ex-Senator Baba Ahmadou, who will no longer be in the Upper House Parliament. Yet almost all of his pairs have been renewed in their very honorable functions. That is to say that the president of the republic would have a tooth against the local base already weakened by internal leadership disputes and disputes between various free. Anyway the result is visible in the distribution of the cake renewal which Mbéré fate with more senators.

Here is the complete list of the 30 incumbent senators and their substitutes:


Mohaman Gabdo
Moussa Sambo
Djaratou Mohamadou
Substitutes :
Alirou Mamadou
Daouda Oumarou
Mme Hadjidjatou


Nkodo Laurent
Mpongmoni Jean Marie
Mbida Mvondo Albert
Substitutes :
Bihina Eloundou Floribert
Abanda Metogo Valère
Abessolo Nomo Thierry Martial


Ze Nguelé Réné
Diwala Moni Hilarion
Aboui Marlyse
Substitutes :
Aleokol Jean Marie
Voumia Rigobert
Gbwa Zacharie

Far North

Mahamat Bahar Manouf
Dakollé Daïssalla
Babaya Che
Substitutes :
Essena Mahamat
Daroue Jean Claude
Moustapha Halilou


Madiba Songue
Etame Massoma David Siegfried
Ngayap Pierre Flambeau
Substitutes :
Essombadje Patrice
Celestin Ketchanga
Mme Ngossing epse Dikobo

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Aboubakari Abdoulaye
Hayatou Aïcha Pierette
Boubakari Ousmanou
Substitutes :
Bouba Samari Bernard
Mohamadou Bayero Fadil
Nihi Dawaye

North West

Fon Doh Ganyonga III
Fon Chafa Issac
Mme Regina Mundi Elisabeth
Substitutes :
Djadje Manu Guy Dado
Atanga Charles
Aga Martin Kum


Mbombo Njoya Ibrahim
Ndjomo Kamga Honorée
Niat Njifennji Marcel
Substitutes :
Paboutam Mariatou epse Montapon
Kamdem Didier
Wembe Samuel


Ngally Ngoua Pierre Henri
Menye Ondo François Xavier
Bisseck Paulette
Substitutes :
Mme Ndo Angeline
Edou Emmanuel
Oyono Robert

South West

Fon Mukete Essimi Ngo Victor
Chief Anja Simon Onjwo
Leke Bessongo Akemfor
Substitutes :
Mambe Aniece
Monono Humphrey Ekema
Mbou Lucie


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