Saturday, March 24, 2018


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Jean Stephane BIATCHA : “African Synergy is not a cameroonian association”

While presiding the closing ceremony of the 15th edition of the campaign "AIDS free Holidays" the board member of African Synergy Jean Stephane BIATCHA...

Jean-Paul Pougala : Why Africans are ashamed of their ancestry’s religious practice

Africa is the cradle of civilization. That means that African are the fathers of all the 7 billion of men and women populating the...

Doumara Aissa Ngatansou: “Early and forced marriages have become a factor of under-schooling”

The project coordinator of the Association for the Fight Against Violence done to Women (ALVF in French) in Far-North Cameroon shares the main lines...

EHT-Cemac: Seraphin Mamyle-Dane, CEO of EHT-CEMAC has gone

All his collaborators and relatives are inconsolable after his disappearance. The atmosphere will not be that of the after-parties in the aftermath of the...

Malaria: Health or Interest

Everyone agrees today that malaria is one of the main causes of infant and maternal mortality in Africa. It also constitutes a considerable obstacle...


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