Top News News Ngaoundere: 9 billion to make drinking water available

Ngaoundere: 9 billion to make drinking water available


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Soon, the end of suffering for the populations of the Adamawa metropolis who will see water flowing in quantity and quality from taps.

Work is under way to rehabilitate, strengthen and expand the drinking water supply system in the town of Ngaoundere. As a result of the joint partnership between Cameroon and the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Investment Bank, the vast project aims at reducing to the simplest possible expression the drinking water needs of the local populations and surroundings. For Kildadi Taguiéké Boukar, governor of Adamawa, the project he calls futuristic flows at the right time.

Financed to the tune of 9 billion 400,279,556 CFA francs including tax, the project will allow the rehabilitation of two reservoirs with an extension of 1600 m3, the construction of a 1500 m3 water tower and the construction of a ground tank with a capacity of 2500 m3 in total.

The scale of the project required the collaboration of the authorities to overcome the misunderstandings. With the support of the authorities, we have obtained the support of the populations, I have no doubt. This is the guarantee of the timely execution of the works,

says Alphonse Roger Ondoa Akoa GM of Camwater.

At the end of the works, the supply of drinking water to the town of Ngaoundéré will be more important. The nominal production capacity will increase from 6,000 m3 to 12,000 m3, double the current availability. In a rapidly growing crossroads metropolis, the water problem is now becoming acute even though several old and new districts are waiting to be connected to the network.

“The city of Ngaoundere grows exponentially, the population has doubled and the water sector had to make the same progress. We welcome this evolution which will certainly relieve so many populations, “

reveals Hamadou Dawa, Government Delegate of the city council.

The company responsible for carrying out these works is “Groupement Angélique Gannon Dunkerley”, therefore the work is scheduled to start on 5 May 2017 with a duration of 18 months. This work is timely because the populations of Adamawa have long suffered from the muddy and nauseating quality of water that flows from the pump.

Despite the denial of the Cameroonian water company (CDE) officials, many suspect that it is the main source of known waterborne diseases such as typhoid that has become an epidemic.


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