Analysis Red Carpet EHT-Cemac: Seraphin Mamyle-Dane, CEO of EHT-CEMAC has gone

EHT-Cemac: Seraphin Mamyle-Dane, CEO of EHT-CEMAC has gone

Le Centrafricain d’origine nommé à la tête de l’institution a été victime d’AVC. Toute la communauté Cemac lui rend hommage.


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All his collaborators and relatives are inconsolable after his disappearance. The atmosphere will not be that of the after-parties in the aftermath of the festivities of the labour day at the School of Hostelry and Tourism of the Cemac (EHT-CEMAC) of Ngaoundere.

A sad look had given way to the joy that still appeared on the faces a few hours earlier.

“It is a hard blow for us collaborators and the Hostelry and Tourism School of the Cemac as a whole. It leaves a great emptiness and important building yards to complete.” testified the affected M. Sali, the chief protocol of EHT-CEMAC.

After a speech of encouragement and motivation of his collaborators to more fervor in work, the Director General of the institution left the scene without warning.

Unexpected Discomfort

Everything started by a Vascular-Cerebral Accident Crisis (AVC) after his speech at the traditional family reception held at EHT-CEMAC after Labor Day parade in the presence of guests and staff. Taken by a sudden discomfort, he is quickly transported in a quasi-unconscious state to the Norwegian hospital of Ngaoundere. Despite the efforts of the doctors on the spot, no health evolution will be noticed. Faced with the poor evolution of the care, an evacuation will be organized towards 6 pm to bring him by medical ambulance on Yaounde. Around 10 pm the news of his death during the journey will cut short the sleep of his relatives.

Bad news

An affable and generous man according to his relatives, he had marked more than one during his brief stay at the head of the prestigious hostelry school of the Central Africa sub-region. His simplicity and professionalism will have contributed to the EHT-CEMAC’s reputation during his residence in Ngaoundere. Séraphin Mamyle-Dane knew how to imbue his managerial style and impact this dynamic to his collaborators. In the morning, no one could have suspected such a drama. The news, which spreads in the city of Ngaoundere as quickly as this ill that took that brave away, surprises the administrative authorities still in shock. “We were at the Independence square together for the Labor Day parade. I cannot believe it and I have no words to express that. May his soul rests in peace” recalls an authority of Adamawa region.

Multiple reforms

Appointed Chief Executive Officer by the Additional Act n ° 20 / CEMAC-CCE-11 of November 6th, 2012, this Central African of origin had set himself the objective to mark the life of the EHT-CEMAC of Ngaoundere by revolutionizing It to bring it to international standards. He has undertaken major reforms within the subregional training institution, which have earned him the congratulations of the authorities of the Cemac subregion.

To put to his account are the training of Bachelor and MBA degree students in hostelry and tourism and the implementation of the LMD system, the vocational training programs which were validated on 18 June 2013 in Douala and endorsed by Decision no. 17/13-UEAC-EHT-CM-25 of 23 September 2013, implementing the vocational training program guidelines in order to bring the EHT-CEMAC into line with the LMD system.

Under his leadership, many partnerships have been developed with other similar training institutions to increase access to training for technical staff. His open-mindedness led him to exhibit for the first time in his history the EHT-CEMAC at Salon Promote 2017 with a view of bringing closer partners and potential learners. Seraphin Mamyle-Dane leaves without having finished what he began and it is the whole Cemac that pays homage to him.

Rodrigue Tapeo
Journalist, Communicator, Cultural Promoter and Coordinator of the FAD'ART Group. He has worked with several media (radio, print, television, online newspaper) in the north of Cameroon. He is also a member of the Cameroonian Civil Society, Consultant in social communication and project development.


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