Top News News Inauguration of the regional agency of FEICOM in Adamawa

Inauguration of the regional agency of FEICOM in Adamawa

The building was solemnly opened to the public by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, René Emanuel Sadi during the working visit in Ngaoundere.


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The building of the regional agency Feicom for the Adamawa is an architectural jewel built on 4000m2. The U-shaped building of 2-storey roadway offers an area of ??1010m2 of habitations and 2000m2 of roads as well as various networks.

For its realization, the works cost 500 thousand CFA francs and the prime contractor amounts to 27 million 300 thousand of our francs.

“The building inaugurated in Ngaoundere impressed me greatly in terms of its quality and stature, its architecture, the beauty and splendor of the work. This is part of an extensive government program initiated by the Head of State, which aims to equip all regions and municipalities with infrastructure of this level “said Rene Sadi after cutting off the ribbon of the solemn inauguration.

The new Feicom regional agency for Adamawa has 27 offices, a large reception hall, documentation and archives room. The installations provide a relay in case of electricity breaking, a car park of 25 vehicles. All this aims to improve the framework and working conditions of the staff and various partners of Feicom, which are decentralized local and regional authorities. The building is an extensive government program to build structures to house Feicom headquarters and agencies throughout Cameroon.

Rodrigue Tapeo
Journalist, Communicator, Cultural Promoter and Coordinator of the FAD'ART Group. He has worked with several media (radio, print, television, online newspaper) in the north of Cameroon. He is also a member of the Cameroonian Civil Society, Consultant in social communication and project development.


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