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There are three unfortunates obliged to cede their properties under the threat of the Chief of land of the district of Ngaoundere 3. The individuals in question were forced to evacuate their properties under penalty of incarceration according to the injunctions of Zeinapa Amada epse Boukar.

For more than a month Mr. Yaya Halidou Sali, a sexagenarian domiciled in Ngaoundere lived in the street at the mercy of bad weather. The main civil administrator has taken over the properties of the 60-year-old man made up of two houses spread over a land area of ? one hectare loan containing fruit trees, a well and family burials.

For reasons still unacknowledged, the sub-prefect then demolished the residences leaving Yaya Halidou Sali installed on this land since 1996 homeless.

“I’m the leader here, I’m in charge. Land and houses belong to me. Do you have the papers of this house?” reports the victim Yaya Halidou Sali of the words of the authority when he went to take the woods and the destroyed plates.

This case is added to that of the two residents who claim to be victims of abusive expropriation of the same authority and express their confusion.

“I was working on my land when the sub-prefect and her husband came to me. She told me she will take my land to make a garden. When I wanted to speak, I was threatened by her husband” said another victim.

The third arrondissement of Ngaoundere has for some time been the theater of this type of exaction on the populations who undergo the repetitive fires of the personalities and elites on their lands. This sub-prefect, who ought to be the shelter, would seem to be on the side of the executioners. Abuse of power of an administrative authority or illegal expropriations? The answer might lie in her silence which a folded attitude and does not respond to any solicitation concerning this scabrous affairs.

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