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Social housing: water and electricity slow down work at Ngaoundere


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A statement was made by The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Jean Claude Mbwentchou, made notice of the state of advancement of works on an evaluation visit of the construction of the social housing on 03 May.

“There will not be an extra day to give to the contractor of the social housing project of Beka in Ngaoundere,” said Minister Jean Claude Mbwentchou during his working visit.

The populations of the city of Ngaoundere will soon have their “Camp SIC” and social housing, if we rely on the state of progress of the work on the site. According to the head of department last wednesday, the construction works will be delivered by the end of December 2017.

The mission was able to appreciate the site, a few witnessed buildings made by the Moroccan company in charge of carrying out the work executed over an area of ??5 ha, at the entrance to the east penetrance of the town of Ngaoundere. Given the importance of the project, Minister Jean Claude Mbwentchou was accompanied on the ground by the Minister of Lands, Land Registry and Land tenure (Mindcaf), Jacqueline Koung à Bissiké and the Secretary of State in charge of housing, Marie Rose Dibong.

The project of 100 social housing units, in Ngaoundere valued at 5 billion CFA francs, includes a health center, a supermarket, a police station and gendarmerie, 5 R + 2 T2 buildings, 5 R + 2 T3 buildings, primary schools And maternal, commercial premises, villas and sewage treatment plants.

In Cameroon’s context, difficulties are being encountered on the construction site, in particular the gravel shortage that leads the Moroccan company to refuel in the locality of Figuil in the northern region, with impacts on the timing of the works. In addition to the equipment, power and water supply are lacking so workers use a lot of ingenuity to circumvent the obstacles.

Jean Claude Mbwentchou took note and raised concern on the fact that it is out of question that the work stagnates on a project wanted by the Head of State. A period of 15 days was given to Camwater and Eneo to re-establish these connections necessary to the realization of this project of 100 social housing. In addition, he invited economic operators to invest in the housing sector to boost the development of Cameroon.

Rodrigue Tapeo
Journalist, Communicator, Cultural Promoter and Coordinator of the FAD'ART Group. He has worked with several media (radio, print, television, online newspaper) in the north of Cameroon. He is also a member of the Cameroonian Civil Society, Consultant in social communication and project development.


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