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Education – Adamawa: The United States Embassy in Cameroon encourages bilingualism of students


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The first edition of the 1st annual spelling bee competition took place in the region with the aim of testing the linguistic and intellectual level of secondary schools in Cameroon.

The United States Embassy organized “The 1st annual spelling bee competition” in the Adamawa region. The ceremony was attended by secondary education authorities, the director of the linguistic center, parents and others students who encouraged their comrades in the competition. For this first edition, the region of Adamawa was chosen in the north to shelter these games.

“This is the first edition in the northern region of Cameroon. We wanted to give children in other regions the opportunity to experience this competition” said Sola Rotger, Cultural Attaché at the USA Ambassady of Cameroon.

USA embassy competition in cameroon
USA embassy competition

The goal is to strengthen students’ ability in English as explained by Sola Rotger “The United States Embassy in Cameroon is organizing this competition in partnership with the Ministry of Secondary Education to encourage children to learn English through a competition that is certainly distracting but requires a lot of determination and a good level of study.”

A total of nine institutions participated in the game, represented by 27 candidates who competed in English. At the end of the competition, the student Shiro Schina Balkume Eyong of Amity International School won the competition by his intellectual abilities. It should be noted that this competition is part of the promotion of bilingualism as requested by the Head of State.

Rodrigue Tapeo
Journalist, Communicator, Cultural Promoter and Coordinator of the FAD'ART Group. He has worked with several media (radio, print, television, online newspaper) in the north of Cameroon. He is also a member of the Cameroonian Civil Society, Consultant in social communication and project development.


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