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A common thinking says “water is life” and for so much people around the, having water means walking for long distances under the sun or other harsh conditions for a few liters that will last at least three days before fetching for another.

Some economic operators have felt the opportunity to make money and are now installed in the business of drinking water selling.

But amongst all those traders fighting for a share of this market, who are those recognized by the due institutions, who respects the standards in terms of water quality for drinking purpose. Furthermore, water is packaged in plastic containers which are now prohibited and are current bulk in urban waste. So those commercial brands that are well recognized, do they contribute as a social duty to the cleaning of town, can they be sanctioned for non respecting that?

Safe drinking water is a public health issue, so concerned administrations must take their responsibilities as much as water is on the spot. There is an illness which has spread amongst the population lately and is becoming endemic: the typhoid fever, a water born disease. Must it be linked to the recent shortage of water that has obliged people, mostly the underprivileged to make do with all kind of water, knowing that the cheapest are the least in quality.

Something has to be done about that and quickly, accounting the most affected are the less gifted. Tackling this drift would be a major step forward in solving public health problems.

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