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Ngaoundere: Travel agencies flout authority

Bloqués par la porte, ils ressortent par l’arrière. Ainsi se manifeste l’activité clandestine des seigneurs de la route qui ont entrepris d’évoluer en marge des pouvoirs publics.

agences de voyage
Entrée d'une agence de voyage à Ngaoundéré

This is the nth development in the Ngaoundere Travel Agencies Scandal . The decision of the government delegate to the urban council of Ngaoundere, Hamadou Dawa, supported by the governor of the region to relocate travel agencies on a new ground located outside the city is a distant memory as “the storm has gone by” claim the inter city carriers.

In order to fight against the urban disorder and carry out an adequate occupation of the city, the municipal authorities have required the public force to dislodge manu militari the travel agencies from their sites. Six months after this operation, inter-urban transport still stands up to public authority and is determined to stay as long as possible on its site near the railway station of Ngaoundere.

The strategy then used by Governor Kildadi Taguiéké Boukar consisted of sealing the main gates of the agencies that give access to the public thoroughfare. These companies have bypassed this measure. All proceeded by opening an access via a bypass.

“We closed the main entrance, which was the cause of so much damageable traffic jams and now the buses and passengers are taking a less cumbersome route” says agency chief Hamidou Nana.

In the opinion of some, this new transport ploy is likely to be a major blow to the Beka Hossere bus station project.

“It would be stupid to deny that our action is sustainable, we have invested money to renovate and modernize our facilities so we intend to remain there permanently,” suggests Yaouba promoter.

The future Beka-Hossere bus station is likely to wait longer than expected. According to one employee and many users, the fact that transportation activity is maintained downtown is a boon. For the latter, safety and accessibility are paramount for a bus station. The Beka-Hossere site will therefore still have to wait for its first vehicles.