Top News News Cameroon - Maroua: Magistrate accused of theft

Cameroon – Maroua: Magistrate accused of theft

Likeme Lucas Sidoine Melson, substitut du procureur No11 au parquet de Maroua, est accusé de vol, agression, d’abus de pouvoir et plusieurs autres faits évoqués dans une plainte déposée auprès des services compétents.


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Laurent Esso’s collaborator in the town of Maroua burst into the home of Hamadou Ousmanou, an economic operator residing in the capital of the Far-North region. Despite his status of lawyer, the actions of Likeme Lucas Sidoine Melson, magistrate of his state, are strongly deplored by many fellow citizens.

According to some indiscretions, the high official of justice would be a man of bad morality.

“He is not on his first package and is several times cited in the scams of users”

reveals a safe source on the spot.

At the origin of the complaint, a problem of rent claimed to Hamadou Ousmanou. The brutal irruption of the representatives of the public order on Saturday May 27th and the damages caused, angry the victim.

“I was surprised to see a man and police intruding into my home without permission and unlawfully sequestering me for a while. Without understanding what was happening to me, I first tried to limit the damage. If there had not been these police uniforms, I would have thought of an assault, of robbers.” Confesses the sequestered man.

On charges of months of unpaid rent, the victim brandished receipts of payment of which the last dates from the 24 of May since the latter says to enjoy its domicile to the district of Domayo comice for 30 years. The owner, a certain Djoulde, did not say a word on the facts. How can one explain?

More seriously, the complainant deplores the loss at the police station of a sum of 250,000 FCFA shed from his wallet and a watch worth an estimated 350,000 francs he carried on him. After the poor pass, the victim went to a health facility to receive emergency care. According to the findings of the doctor who conducted the consultation, the victim suffered trauma at the ribs and neck. Also raised, the presence of blood in the sputum, sign of an internal wound that could be serious. Faced with all these prejudices, Hamadou Ousmanou filed a complaint to the Prosecutor of the Republic of the Courts of First Instance of Maroua in the morning against his aggressor and his acolytes.

The named Likeme Lucas Sidoine Melson and two elements of the police station of the 1st arrondissement of Hardé are therefore targeted in this case.

“We receive almost every day complaints against this colleague and I confess that the acts he poses do not honor our profession,” says a magistrate in service at the Maroua prosecutor’s office.

For the victim, the affront could not be forgiven so easily.

“What hurts me is that all this took place under the gaze of my family and children. The two police officers do violence me and tore my clothes off before taking me to the police station where I was deprived of my liberty from 7:00 to 10:40. You imagine at my age, 48 years, to undergo such a humiliation?” Adds Hamadou Ousmanou.

In his complaint, he refers to the acts of house arrest, threats, destruction of property, arbitrary robbery, arrest and detention, all punishable by the Cameroonian penal code.

Defending his approach, the magistrate justifies his judicial action by placing it to the credit of the restoration of public order. Joined on the phone, he prides himself of having committed such acts.

“Likeme Lucas is a magistrate, I acted as a representative of the police force. This individual has one year of arrears of rent. If we remain idle, people will say that justice is corrupt, “said Likeme Lucas Sidoine, deputy prosecutor No 11.

Hamadou Ousmanou does not intend to be influenced by his judicial status. The affair brought to justice already makes a lot of noise in the city of Maroua seen the multiple escapes attributed to the magistrate in question. Let’s just wait for the rest of the case.

Rodrigue Tapeo
Journalist, Communicator, Cultural Promoter and Coordinator of the FAD'ART Group. He has worked with several media (radio, print, television, online newspaper) in the north of Cameroon. He is also a member of the Cameroonian Civil Society, Consultant in social communication and project development.


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