Society Various Cameroon - Ngaoundere : A fake military arrested

Cameroon – Ngaoundere : A fake military arrested

L’usurpateur de fonction de l’armée camerounaise dénommé Mbitang Haman est incarcéré depuis 3 jours dans les cellules de la division de la sécurité militaire, antenne de l’Adamaoua.


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It is about 5 months that this fake military native of the Far North operates in the name of the forces of the order in the city of Ngaoundere. The man is known for his intimidation and scams.

Putting himself off as a man in uniform, he targeted his victims, especially traders and disbursed them a large sum of money to detach himself from his claws.

Yannick a trader, a street drug vendor, paid the price. In a well-orchestrated scam, he had to rely on his relatives to get out of trouble saying that he had caused the death of a client who had swallowed his medicines. After this scenario the false military entered the scene through blackmail and threats to the unfortunate Yannick.

The trader was obliged to pay a sum of 100,000 Fcfa for his package, as compensation to the family of the deceased but also to participate in sending the body to the village and arranging his funeral to the extent of 200,000 CFA francs in the eastern region of Cameroon. In panic, the man emptied his pockets, obeying the demands of the so-called military.

All things having an end, the pot of roses was discovered last monday when the trader meets in person the girl declared dead along the way. He will then resort to the elements of the division of military security, antenna of Adamaoua. The investigations led to the arrest of the false military.

In the Djackbol neighborhood, the search of his home made it possible to recover 3 mobile phones, a plasma screen and a mattress on the ground. On his national identity card, it is a position of controller in Camtel de Ngaoundéré that is inscribed there. Investigations are continuing in the town of Ngaoundere to unmask its possible accomplices. In this period of Ramadan, insecurity is a major concern.

Rodrigue Tapeo
Journalist, Communicator, Cultural Promoter and Coordinator of the FAD'ART Group. He has worked with several media (radio, print, television, online newspaper) in the north of Cameroon. He is also a member of the Cameroonian Civil Society, Consultant in social communication and project development.


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