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Garoua : She gets caught with her lover by her husband cuckold


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The events took place on May 25th in Ouro-labo neighborhood, not far from a snack bar. Returning from the market at about 12 noon, Soumna Orpa will drop her bag of provisions in the welding shop of her husband Foumargue on the pretext that she has forgotten something at the market.

After nearly an hour of waiting, the named Foumargue will be irritated not to see his wife. In his complaint, one of his intimate friends whispered to him that his wife would be in the bar next door. He decides to go up the braces. Once on the scene, the latter could not find his wife. He inquired. He was told that his wife left half an hour ago and is accompanied by their neighbor. Foumargue continues his search and goes to the house to see if his wife were back there by chance.

Once at home, he notices his wife’s absence, but nevertheless sees his three children lying on the mat. To the question of where their mother has gone, the elder answers:

“She has entered the house of Uncle Abou, the neighbor.”

Curious to know what his wife was doing with his neighbor, Foumargue immediately goes to the neighboring house. He sticks his ear to the windows of Abou’s room and hears the groans of his wife:

“Abu continues, continues, continues,” reports the concerned to the chief of the neighborhood.

In an angry mood, he pushed the door hastily, went to the room where he surprises the two lovebirds in full lovemaking. Foumargue scream to adulterous scandal and the neighborhood was alerted.

Abou the neighbor escaped from his house and disappeared into nature. At his heels, the cuckold husband pursued him with a machete. He did not catch it. On his return home, he noticed that his wife Orpa had left the marital home for an unknown destination.

Martin Yaoussia
Martin Hinsia, is an experienced field reporter representative of ChateauNews in the North Cameroon region.


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