Top News News Child begging grows in Maroua

Child begging grows in Maroua


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Young children are exploited by people in the shadows who are making substantial income on their backs in this fasting Ramadan period.

The health and safety of children, who are often victims of accidents and body injuries of all kinds, are of no interest for them. Today, it is clear that in the most beautiful region, the exploitation of children, due to authorities giving up their responsibilities, is gaining momentum. Some actors in the defense and protection of children are also pointed at for the lack of any sanction against those who practice this, while the protection and education of children also involves all strata of society.

Given the increase in the phenomenon of child exploitation in the region and insecurity, especially with the Islamic sect Boko haram, the association for the protection of children away from their families in Cameroon (Apeefc) is constantly organizing sensitization to eradicate this phenomenon. This association has already since its inception in the city of Maroua identified at least 350 street children, 101 trafficked children, 80 children displaced. It should be mentioned that the APEEFC has enrolled 101 children and 80 trafficked children who have reunited with their families. With its local and international partners, the organization intends to develop its activities and do better for the vulnerable strata in the region and beyond, hence the heartfelt cry of its coordinator MARVIZIA Ezéchiel which states that

“we should not disengage from the situation of vulnerable children, the State should take its responsibilities and together with civil society organizations, we can fight to eradicate the phenomenon of children in distress”.

These begging street children are victims of rape, predisposed to trafficking of all kinds, in situations of sexual violence, robbery, sometimes accused of complicity with the Islamist sect Boko-haram.

Faced with this alarming situation; The local association for participatory and self-directed development (ALDEPA) recently organized a youth training workshop on “Youth leaders, actors promoting children’s rights and fighting violence in the region of the” Far-North “. This initiative was aimed at fostering the emergence of a young leadership with values ??as a citizen and promoter of children’s rights in the Far North region, explains Mrs. Wandou Marthe, Coordinator of ALDEPA. Similar meetings are opportunities to equip children on the protection of children’s rights, to inform about the implementation of the support project to combat the economic exploitation of children by begging. On the other hand, these new forms of begging have become sources of income for invalid or able leaders who use these children.

As actors against the ill-treatment of children and girls, including UN-Woman, ALDEPA and APEEF, are all committed to fighting all forms of threats against children. It is a question of ensuring to these children an effective, sustainable development by education and protection. The authorities are thus called upon to prevent suicide attacks from multiplying since these children are considered puppets that these sorcerer’s apprentices manipulate.

Martin Yaoussia
Martin Hinsia, is an experienced field reporter representative of ChateauNews in the North Cameroon region.


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