Discovery Post Card LAGDO, a sea in the cameroonian sahel

LAGDO, a sea in the cameroonian sahel


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With the return of rain, the blue lagoon attracts tourists from various horizons.
Lagdo, is seventy km south from Garoua in the Northern region of Cameroon. A spread of water that stretches as far as the eye can see. Waves come to finish their race on “the coast”. Families of fishermen come and go. The activity is intense. In the vicinity of the body of water, however, the vegetation is typically sahelian: Steppe, stunted shrubs. Is it a dream? A sea in the middle of the Sahel?

Lagdo is located in a zone where rain is rare and the wind dry. But in this locality, 70 km long and 40 km wide are covered with water. Generally waters of lakes are calm and heavy. In Lagdo, the waves come and go as in a sea. It is the fruit of man’s action. Indeed, between 1978 and 1984, the locality saw the construction of the Lagdo hydroelectric dam, the fruit of Cameroon’s cooperation with China. According to sources, the project aimed not only to serve the northern region and even neighboring countries with hydroelectric power, but also to create this reservoir of water to give people the possibility of having easy access to water. But above all, the lake was to facilitate the conduct of the Green Sahel operation, which consisted in planting trees in this part of Cameroon to fight the advance of the desert.

Today, this goal is achieved. Around Lagdo, the greenery is visible, the populations live with great happiness the presence of water. In addition, Lagdo has become a true tourist site. The dam with its streaming waters down, the memorial with its beautiful colors, history and flowers attract endless visitors. Here the tourist center, LAGON BLEU, has built a paradise: hotel, restaurant, guide, the center offers a suitable retirement setting for a stay of meditation and escape.

Feet in the water, the tourist enjoys the food from here and elsewhere, observes nature with its beautiful hills, and an endless horizon visibility. The warmth of aboriginal peoples adds to the beauty of the place. These populations are even objects of curiosity, with their extraordinary gowns, their exotic dances, their mysterious songs. A trip to Lagdo also means meeting with its cultural diversity like Mousgoums, a fishermen people very attached to water spaces.

Martin Yaoussia
Martin Hinsia, is an experienced field reporter representative of ChateauNews in the North Cameroon region.


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