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Music or efforts profitable by others


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The lack of regulation and, above all, of sanctions in the field of the musical arts seriously undermines the music industry.

The record industry in Cameroon is in peril and this is no secret for everyone. First, there was mass production of pirated CDs. Now with the advent of computers and downloads on the internet, every young person is a potential pirate. You just need to  have access to a computer and music lovers at low prices no longer even need to move to the market to do their shopping. In just a few clicks on the specialized sites, they can download for free the last title of an artist who goes into the bins.

Our albums are sold by thousands, our shows are complete,

assures the artist Princess Kadidja.

And yet, I never touched a CFA franc on the sale of my records. Everything happens as if one were to say to the one who worked all the month: sorry, your salary was hacked by someone

said  Charly Sky the Sahelian in a sad  mood.

The local producers have abandoned the fight, which brings groups or artists to Chad and Nigeria which have several production houses and yet it is known, the best technicians are on the spot but for lack of equitable redistribution of profits, they convert themselves  to something else to survive.

Some artists have proceeded by registering their works with the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), the musical work being an intellectual property but is that the solution? What guarantees does it offer?

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