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United Nations women inaugurated the women cohesion space in refugee camp of Minawao. But it is different with the news that the Ngam camp of refugee will be inaugurated. Ministers, the representative of UN mission in Cameroon, foreign agencies, NGOs, local administrative lead by the governor of Adamawa region, thousands of inhabitants of Mbere division and beyond attended the ceremony.

The representative of UN Women in Cameroon, ADAMA Moussa tell us more about this event.

ChateuNews : Why the United Nation Women construct a women cohesion space ?

I think that the construction of a woman cohesion space is natural. Natural development for all response we have been providing to tackle the challenges of humanitarian disaster. When we started there was humanitarian crisis. We started with very local materials were by there is a space women need to use for their cohesion, discuss and also receive support to make a real human being.

ChateuNews : How the project takes roof ?

It is a project build with the partnership of the government of Cameroon through the Ministry of women and family empowerment and the assistance of Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The Ngam women cohesion space is the second one constructed by United Nation mission in Cameroon after the Minawao in the far north region. At the time the survivors, refugees and the host community were determined to raise their living condition and move on in the poor living condition. Women were totally absent from the corridor of power but they are present in the camp we give them subsidies.

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ChateuNews : How are you going to do for better management of the space ?

I am deeply impressed by the dedication of those involved and by how much they were doing to rise. We have a technic staff with the duty to respond formally and fully in a way that is accessible to the beneficiaries. There is a commission set up under the chairmanships of the Ministry of Women and empower family which include both refugees and host community. The mains actors are in charge of maintaining and operating through a systematic co-ordinated and co-operative human effort. There is also an annual charter to make sure that swift effective and easy-to-use ways of putting things right when they go wrong. We are confident that all are put in place to assure appropriate use of the space by the women. One way to achieve better quality service is the management of both system and people.

ChateuNews : How will be measure the impact of the space to the different community ?

The host community is the first humanitarian relief. The space brings among the community a lot of profit economically and socially. New discretionary allowances are now available. The space challenges the main issue of responding to the women’s matters concerns, to tackle area of weakness. It will be a space of consulting discussing and improving the capacity building and performances of women. Give more power and more freedom to women to make different in their every day life.

By Boubakary Moussa


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