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Cameroonian parks have experienced repeated assaults since the instability created by terrorist groups in the northern part of the country. Added to this are the actions of populations whose demographic pressure on environmental resources becomes an ecological issue.

This is the case of the Waza park where the riverside population strives to consume fish in the pools of water in protected areas. The need to secure and develop these areas has become a necessity and to tackle that IUNC has chosen to put populations and conservators in front each other to explain the reasons why protected areas must remain so and with their contribution.

In the Far North, six municipalities with localities in the parks benefited from this funding, depending on their needs. They are Mora, Pette, Waza, Zina, Maga, Logone-birni. In total more than 100 groups have been financed. The support granted in the various localities will help raise awareness. In the cantons of Kossa and Magdeme; 50 poachers will return their hunting weapons with the involvement of traditional leaders and authorities. Among the activities of IUNC, awareness raising is top on the agenda to convert poachers but the penetration is not easy among the population. By creating fish ponds in nearby communities, there is hope to create new pockets of income for the conversion of poachers.


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