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Africans burn F CFA tickets in symbolic support for Kemi Seba

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Since the arrest on Friday (August 25th) of the Pan-African activist Kemi Seba, held in Senegal, for publicly burning a ticket of 5,000 francs CFA at a rally in Dakar, young Africans mobilize everywhere To support the activist and the cause he advocates.

In this wave of support, several young Africans are taking pictures or videos burning also Fcfa ticket of 10 000 F CFA, 5 000 F CFA, 1 000 F CFA, …

These young people say they protest the arrest of activist Kemi Seba, whom they consider “unjust”.

Kemi Seba is the president of the Organization nammed “Emergencies Panafricanists” and has been campaigning for several years for the freedom of Africans: economic freedom, political freedom, mental freedom. He is also actively engaged in the struggle against neo-colonialism, a modern transformation of colonization of yesterday and which is seen in many countries of Africa, particularly the francophones countries.

After his judgement since Tuesday 29 august, Kemi Seba was released.

Concerning Fcfa, which has been the focus of many attentions this recent years, it is a colonial currency create by France and use by 14 African countries. This means that France is responsible for beating the currency of 14 African countries and thus indirectly controlling their economies. The F CFA, meaning Franc of the French Colonies of Africa, sounds like an aberration in the 21st century, when African countries using this currency say they are independent. This currency was imposed in some way on certain francophone countries of Africa, by France during the general wave of independence that there was in history. Some countries have attempted unsuccessfully to exit this CFA system without success with unprecedented killings. This was the case, for example, in Togo by President Sylviano Olympius.