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An open letter has just been sent to the Head of State, Paul Biya, by the collective of the population of Djamboutou-Douroure neighborhood to denounce the acts of the urban community of Garoua at the heart of the dispute.

Since the date of May 08, 2016, the urban community of Garoua (GUC) has broken down houses in the Djamboutou-Douroure neighborhood. Thus, several lots were confiscated by the latter. A muscular descent without consent that left families homeless during 16 months now after the land “hold-up”. In Garoua 1st, the population of this district did not digest these bad actions of the urban community of Garoua. A regroupment of 150 families affected by the GUC has thus been set up; given the action taken by the urban community of Garoua without compensation of the families.

According to the indiscretions, it would be a machination set up by the delegate to the urban community El Hadj Bouba in order to extract the spaces of strength and sell them to individuals. People interviewed qualified this act as inhuman.

“I had taken my high school teacher recall of 7,000,000 FCFA, I bought the land at 1,500,000 FCFA francs and associated with my wife, we built a fenced three bedroom boukarou lounge. But alas, me and my small family are in tears, without shelter, it is hard! Now I rent a house in another neighborhood at 50 000 FCFA until when? I am suffering! Mr President, please help us! “, Says Danwe Marcel, one of the victims.

In front of the traditional, administrative, communal authorities and the urban community, no one dared to comment on the subject.

“They illegally occupied the land, we do not know where they paid the money,” said a staff member of the urban community.

For now, it is just traumatized, frustrated families without shelter waiting for justice to be made with the intervention of the head of state.


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