Home Analysis Opinion Jean Stephane BIATCHA : “African Synergy is not a cameroonian association”

Jean Stephane BIATCHA : “African Synergy is not a cameroonian association”

Jean Stephane BIATCHA : “African Synergy is not a cameroonian association”
Photo Credit : chateaunews.com. Jean Stephan BIATCHA, at the second positon from left

While presiding the closing ceremony of the 15th edition of the campaign “AIDS free Holidays” the board member of African Synergy Jean Stephane BIATCHA spoke with ChateauNews.

Not so long ago in the conservative Muslim town of Ngaoundere the HIV aids topic is consider as a taboo. People talking openly and publicly about the pandemic were as alien. No longer. Thanks to an effort of sensitization, mentality are finally harnessed and changed. But if there is one thing we learned from the great pandemic over the decades it’s the fact that it’s still affecting more and more people.

ChateauNews: Why the choice of Ngaoundere for the closing ceremony ?

It is a normal rotation, we started by southern part of Cameroon and now we start and going up the northern part, we started by Ngaoundere. Hope you that next year we go to Maroua, after next year we go to Garoua. We rotate from one region to another, so we up on to 7 of southern region and now we start the northern part of the country.

ChateauNews: What is your feeling on use make by peer educators of social network during the campaign ?

You know we are here for the closing ceremony. At the end we will make an assessment before making any conclusion, but I can assure you it has been a very helpful ingenuity.

ChateauNews: What is your statement on statistics given by media on somme400 000 HIV Aids positive patient who are in be run ?

You know it is a so long process actually, we need to be patient, we need more effort, talk to people and get people to understand that you don’t need to be defeatist yourself when you are infected because you can put on free treatment. So we have to keep on talking people, keep sensitizing people.

ChateauNews: Talking about statistics, which is the region that is more affected by HIV ?

I would not be able as African Synergy to spot out any region. About statistics its concerns it is better for you to refer the Ministry of Health. You know African Synergy is a pan African association; we are not a Cameroonian association even though the Cameroon first Lady is the head of the association.

ChateauNews: What is the message of the first lady?

The main message is that HIV Aids exist and the youth should be involved in the battle against this pandemic that is our best hope to stop this great epidemic.

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By Boubakary Moussa