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Gorge of Kola, when nature is artistic

Gorge of Kola, when nature is artistic

The touristic site located 20 kilometers from Guider attracts many foreign tourists and Cameroonians impressed by this architecture shaped by nature.

Even though the term “gorges” seems a bit usurped, the fact remains that this 700-meter-long and 200-meter-wide rocky pass in which the Mayo Louti sails is still quite rare as a touristic site. Easy to find, the gorges do not benefit from any public development despite the promises made. Only a few dispersed boukarous were built nearby to the detriment of the sequestered vegetation. Young guides offer their services for the visit.

On the spot, you can also see the “devil’s apartments”, a living room and a bedroom that are in fact indoor caverns modeled by the current in the rainy season. One thing is sure, however, at the beginning of the dry season the locals make miraculous fishing. Due to the fall of water, the fish remain trapped in the innumerable pots made in the rock and it remains only to go and “pick” them.

To reach it, arrive at Sorawel, 15 Km before Figuil, to take the direction of Guider on 15 km. The visit of the bottom of the gorges is possible only in dry season therefore during the period from December to May. The rest of the time, they are drowned in the Mayo Louti which occupies the full width of its bed.

For the visit, envisage solid shoes not fearing the water because it is necessary to face the burning rocks and a bottom of “gorges” where there is always a trickle of water. Descent into the gorge requires a minimum of physical fitness. Without making climbing, you must nevertheless be comfortable in this kind of exercise especially as the intense heat makes almost untouchable the stones exposed to the sun burning