Home Discovery Tourism Garoua the beautiful : Which preparations for the AFCON 2019 ?

Garoua the beautiful : Which preparations for the AFCON 2019 ?

Garoua the beautiful : Which preparations for the AFCON 2019 ?

For the first time the city of Garoua will host a pool of the great African football celebration; but what are the benefits for the population.

Since the announcement of the organization of Afcon 2019 by Cameroon, the city of Garoua has fed much hope with regards to the pool that will be played in the city. The competition will impact not only stadium construction, but also the upgrading of the hotels.

“Afcon 2019 will help create jobs. It is a great sporting event, but also economical. The spin-offs will be palpable in sports, tourism and commercial fields “, said an official of the regional sports delegation of the North.

To begin, three new stadia of training will be built. It is that of the Cenajes, the stage of Raere and that of Poumpoumré. For the omnisport stadium in Roumde-Adjia of 16,000 seats, it will be upgraded to 20,000 seats. Arrangements have been made by the providers so that these infrastructures will be delivered by 31 October 2018. This will bring the number of stadiums built to four in the town of Garoua. With the delivery of all these infrastructures and the quality of the works promised, the city of Garoua could then host several other sports competitions on the national and international level.

For the renovation and construction of additional hotel infrastructures for the needs of the competition, Garoua is already mobilizing significant resources. For example, the Government expects that the hotel, restaurant, tourism and recreation sector will improve in Garoua in 2019 due to the partial delivery of the new four-star hotel with six levels, rehabilitation of the Bénoué hotel and the development of collective catering. Everything made to satisfy hundreds of athletes and thousands of African supporters.

Road infrastructures and transportation system remain a major handicap for the development of tourism in Garoua. With Afcon 2019, the government should invest in these sectors to facilitate the transportation of players and tourists between cities. In Healthcare, Garoua will benefit from a Hospital Center in Bookley in the Garoua III subdivision.

The benefits of Afcon are favorable for the image of a city that can, thanks to advertising made before, during and after this period attract more foreign investors who will participate in the development of the local economy. Hence the initiative by the urban community of Garoua to provide the city with new infrastructures among which spaces of leisure and public gardens. But realities of Cameroon’s cities in terms of basic social services (water, electricity, etc.) should not degrade the quality of the show. Fortunately, there are several months left to improve things.