Discovery Post Card Kumba II: Inevitable Summerland

Kumba II: Inevitable Summerland


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Kumba II is the town of friendship and business. Here, thousands of people from different parts of the country and Africa seek fortune. Hospitality distinguishes the council area from the lots. As first time visitor, your challenge would not be where to lodge but how to choose among its world class hotels that offer beyond your taste.

How much have you seen or heard of Kumba II council? If you haven’t, then find out! The neighbourhood is the nerve centre of business and tourism, inhabited by traders and farmers from different parts of Cameroon and beyond. Business of various types and sizes is largely in the hands of merchants from neigbouring Nigeria, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Central African Republic. Their shops are stuffed with everything valuable from different parts of the world. Your choice may be hard or software. It could be good food or classic drinks, world class glossary, art and craft, fun or music.

All is available in abundance, and offered at affordable costs. However, you need to fill your briefcase with sufficient cash if you plan to make a stop at a standard nightclub. Hospitality makes the difference between the Kumba II council and others. Your first time challenge will not be where to find cosy hotels and guesthouses distinguished by classic culinary and impeccable room services but how to make the best choice. Here, the most cherished African and European dishes are stewed by illustrious Chefs who scramble from dawn to dusk to offer you what is better than your dollar. And, at the end of your summer stay, you would tell the story better! Do you remember the Kumba of post-independence days? That was during the 1970s! Kumba, popularly known as “K. Town”, was the dreamland of every citizen. Its business tentacles clutched thousands of people from every corner of the then Federal Republic and even beyond.

The effervescence of high life and merrymaking was contagious. The name “Kumba was a magnet! No women had the guts to jilt a man who lived in Kumba, irrespective of her beauty or her social standing. By 2007, “K. Town” had grown beyond the bounds of an ordinary township. It was then split into three council areas (Kumba 1, Kumba II and Kumba III). The decision signed by President Paul Biya drastically changed the face of Kumba II council area. The neigbourhood was tarred and its streets illuminated. Today, Kumba II remains a palpable dreamland for many youngsters who hope to irk a living in cocoa or lumber business. Thousands of them are also farmers and petty traders, excelling in the purchase and selling of automobile spare parts, radio and TV sets, computers and electronics.

The Kumba II constituency is also a decent space for democracy, though as slippery as slugs. Here, no one owns politics, and no politician owns anyone. Indeed, no political aspirant sleeps with both eyes closed because the boat can be piloted out of track at any time. Here the ruling and opposition parties permanently lock horns, with exasperated outcomes. Believe me. This constituency is reserved for the keenest and the smartest!

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