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05 BIR and 01 CNE have inevitably fallen into an ambush of heavily armed poachers, that night of February 8, 2018 around 04H in the morning, at the Bouba Ndjida Park where they were on mission. 02 civilian guides have also left their lives. Officer LIMANE (pictured) was from the Army and Nation promotion.

The Bouba Djida park must be remembered was the scene of a great carnage of pachyderm by the gangs of poachers in 2015. Hundreds of elephants had then perished for the greed of the Pointe d’Ivoire by heavily armed poachers . To save the species from extinction, a massive military operation ordered by the Cameroonian Head of State was carried out by a massive deployment of BIR elements supported by helicopters.

This new attack is an alert on the threat that hangs over the elephants and other animal species coveted Bouba Ndjida Park. Certainly the response will not delay side of the armed forces Cameroon on alert on all fronts for the maintenance of peace and security over the vast national territory.

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