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Cameroon: The government threat instigators of fake news

Cameroon: The government threat instigators of fake news

While ruling a seminar to raise awareness of the population on cyber criminality in Ngaoundéré, the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (NAICT) warns malicious internets users.

In his message to the youth, on the occasion of the 52nd edition of the national youth day, the president of the republic, Paul BIYA has set the tone in disconcerting terms and substance

“you must bear in mind that you are not exempted from fulfilling civic and moral obligation”.

By declaring so Biya pointed an accusing digt on the authors of fake news relays on social media. As a regulator agency of telecommunication in Cameroon, NAICT is on the target.

With the news that some 38 high institutions of the Republic including the National Assembly and the supreme courts have suffered a cyber attack, the securities of key public infrastructure are weak. Common cyber crimes perpetrated against enterprise, public institution and individuals are severely punished by the law of21 December 2010 relative to cyber security and cyber criminality. Whoever shall violate these provision will be punished with imprisonment for 6 month to 2 years.

What NAICT bring with him to solve some of problem that acquire (as extortion corruption of minors and identity theft) is a mix of threat and seduction

” information technology and communication is a seductive tools which is beneficially economically and socially which may expose our security. If you receive fake news don’t share it, by doing it you become a criminal “,

polling EBOT EBOT ENOW, the Chairman of NAICT.

But if there is one thing we have learn from the social network over the years it is the fact that it is unstoppable and uncontrollable.