Top News News A high unhealthiness of police stations in Ngaoundere

A high unhealthiness of police stations in Ngaoundere


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Externally seeing, they seems in good mood, as the name of their service sounds nicely but nearly watching it is a bin full of dirt.

In the common sense, Ngaoundere’s downtowns habitants know that, public deconcentrated services were supposed to be neat as we see some in our towns, although they are not cheering the same spirit of salubrity. What wondered is that it is the contrary in some public services in our city. A service as police station which was supposed to put order, discipline in town; talking about discipline we see need, which is not the case of the police station in Ngaoundere. They will repaint the board of indication but the building in which are working the personals are not nice to see.

At the regional delegation of judiciary police of this town, still at “champ de prière”, it doesn’t matter, at the corridor, to much dust, with old chairs in the hall. Let’s not talk about the strong bad odor coming from the latrine. Once the commissioner of the place, Mrs Ndo said to her subalterns

“even if we are detaining criminals that is not an excuse not to keep our environment clean.”

And it is true. Deeply it is a huge bin full of dirt. At the regional judiciary police of Ngaoundere situated at champ de prière it is a big disgrace and desolation that lodgers of public prosecutor deliver to the public.

A turn trough the police station of Onaref, grasses; old cars; farms are everywhere. Living with snakes, but they don’t mind. The board of the service is old but no renewal. Old and ceased Moto bikes are everywhere with dust which has never seen broom one day. In those police stations, the element of the service urinate everywhere around, no going to latrines, as daily stereotypes that how bins are created everywhere and pollution takes place.

Hamidou our attentive observer deliver to us his point of view

“there is a double personality living in a policeman: public vice and private morality, his uniform is inexorable but the office is unexplainable”.

Sensibilisation of public services about the importance of cleaning the environment still has to be done. And surely illnesses will reduce in the society. Policemen have to know that they are the trustee of honor and have to promote public health.

Mathieu Dilla Yadji
Mathieu Dilla Yadji is passionate about journalism. He is English correspondent of Adamawa


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