Analysis Red Carpet Kildadi Tagieke Boukar : « Weapons in our region...

Kildadi Tagieke Boukar : « Weapons in our region will be identified and denounced »


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For this time, the Governor Kildadi Tagieke Boukar, the head of administration services of the Adamawa region is the choice for an interview that will permit to us to know how administrative things are functioning, and how to do to promote national unity, and security and development in our region.

How do you perceive the national unity in our society? Do you think living together between Cameroonians is a reality?

National unity is present the Adamawa region in the fact that the independence day, the Adamawa region has never known conflicts which can destroy his harmony.

Since the beginning, although their plurality, they thought to belong to the same tribe. With that, pacific coexistence has reign and continue to reign. Citizens of Adamawa conscious of the fact that nothing can broke up their unity continue to have the same vision. Our unity lives, and population considered this unity as only condition for unity, they are conscious of the fact that this unity is precious.

What about the integration of other communities who joined their self to the people of this region?

People of Adamawa region knows how to accept others coming from other countries and from everywhere. Today we have the situation of refugees which came in without a problem.
Those refugees live in perfect peace with local population. There is even the internal movement. And this cohabitation is visible.

There are very few monuments in Ngaoundere, and few that exist are not well entertained, which position doe the government gives to those monuments?

Monuments are symbols full of history. Cameroon did well by building monument everywhere on his territory. Here in Ngaoundere, we have some monuments there is one at chief palace and the monuments of the Unknown Soldier. The president of the republic has created a ministry of art and culture who looked after these monuments. Even decentralized territorial collectivities are also implicated because these monuments are in their municipalities and express the story of the locality. Letters will always circulate to remind them that those monuments have to be well kept. The government delegate and mayors have the wright to preserve monument which are in Ngaoundere, why not the hole Adamawa region.

Where are you with the procedure to catch up all weapons circulating in the Adamawa region? How many weapons have you already ceased at the moment we are talking?

The situation of proliferation of weapons is well known in our region, even in the country. The bad situation passing in the neighboring countries like Chad and Central Africa Republic have provoked a strong proliferation of weapons. With these weapons there had been too much stealing and killings. That is the cause of the persistence of the high way rubbing and kidnappings. Due to all this, the ministry of territorial administration made a communication to ask to all detainers of weapons to come and deposit them at the gendarmerie.

Modalities are being taken by the administrative and military authorities to invite detainers of weapons to present their self. But we have to know that this operation is not easy, in the fact that people don’t cooperate. We will now proceed by identification of all detainers of weapons in our region to go and take them back.

What is happening with the main road wood of Mardock-Dang

It is a road attributed to the Esico Company, a Chadian company. But we have the impression that the company don’t fill up their mission given to them. We have added their time twice but no progress. We prevent the government. The road and the national n°1 is a vital main road and it is urgent that works should be moving faster. But it seems as activities are not progressing. We denounce the complaisance who sustained the choice of this company. That’s how the situation is, now we are waiting for the reaction of the high authority about this situation.

The reference hospital is suffering of constant break off of works and industrial laboratory knows some problems, every times entrepreneurs reject faults on government. Tell us, is it the fault of the company or the government who does not respect his obligations?

It’s true; we signaled that the industrial slaughterhouse of Wakwa is deprived of electrical courant, that the electrical courant is not cut off by Eneo because we estimate that the bill is not pay although is has been payed at the level of ministry of finance. It’s just that the treatment of documents is taking much time and the check has to be verified. But the government has respected his obligations, their check is already available.

Water doesn’t flow in taps of Adamawa, what is the situation at this level?

You do well to underline this paradox, they say that the Adamawa region is the castle of water and habitants lack potable water. Let’s say that the actual installations of CAMWATER are old, they are already deteriorated at the limit, the capacity and the quantity of water to provide is not the same, seeing the increase of population.

At the moment we are speaking, there is an Indian company, Angelic Construction who is working, the water conductor will be totally renewed. Soon, water will flow in our taps and will be at the disposition of habitants.

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