National Unity celebration in Ngaoundere, CPDM preaches by disorder

Contrary from other celebrations of the national unity, this year was different by CPDM’s insubordination, which made the match pass divided in Ngaoundere.

The executive party has still shown his real face this time. This 46th edition of the celebration of the national unity was for CPDM in Ngaoundere. In the beginning, the match pass was nice and appreciated by many observers, the passing of army force, not to talk about the ones of B.I.R. But this good moment ended with the unfinished crowd formed into squared of militants of CPDM which was already boring.

They imposed their law through their number of square which was around a hundred. The bad organization of match pass was proved by this action of insubordination of the CPDM party. Although severe restrictions have been given to other political parties about the precise number of square, they don’t mind about measurement and disorder.

“This offended demonstration of square stain the image of the celebration of the unity and integration. They have preached by a lack of discipline”,

said Danladi, militant of the CPDM party and humorist of Ngaoundere. Political parties have to respect their name and their image.

For the party of Paul Biya, having a crowd is a trophee; “a great mobilization at a big day in a crucial moment of the destiny of our country to demonstrate the increased number of our militants” has sustained a Cameroon People Democratic Movement militant. Finally the match pass was divided because of the much time these squares made to end. CPDM party is normally known as the father of the nation, by their promotion of education through presents that they give primary and secondary schools everywhere to reduce juvenile delinquency in our nation and encourage youths to take part to political discussions. But this type of doing of the CPDM party will only and still boost the bad impressions of the youth about political things.



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