Ngaoundere – Mardock : The new quarter target by young thieves

Insecurity in Ngaoundere is increasing at a certain level that it seems as Douala. Even in day light operation is going on. Laziness of youths in Ngaoundere made them to get into stealing. And they are humiliated everyday, beaten and even killed. Patrol has to be reinforced again, for the population to sleep with a bit of peace.

Since some time, insecurity is increasing in Ngaoundere. Many youths are getting in stealing and killing, terrorizing everywhere. As all new quarters, everyone wanted to be the king, but in Mardock it is juvenile delinquency. Young boys armed with knives steal and terrorize. In the 9th of June 2018, students going to take report cards suffered from the hands of those young stealers; they were terrorized, deprived from their phones at the advantage of these young offenders.

“They stopped me and frightened me with a knife at the entrance of GHS Ngaoundere-Mardock. They ceased my phone and let me go”,

said Marione, a student of 4eme ESP in GHS Mardock.

Although the gendarmerie is near to there, they continue to operate in that new born quarter.

“Many of those who come and steal here are coming from Gadamabanga, and if they continue worrying us, we will exterminate them all”,

declared Ousmane, a farmer living in Mardock. These young men who in the past may have refused to go to school, meet their selves beaten, humiliated, even killed every day; all this because laziness. But people of Mardock have decided to put an end and secure their quarter by catching and beating all stealer who will venture in that new born quarter. The question to ask is: why is the gendarmerie near but they don’t patrol to secure that quarter? Are they afraid too?


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