A decision has been taken in Uganda: No sexual relationship with husbands without money

In Uganda, women strike and exacting a payment from their husbands before sexual activities.

Uganda, women sexual relationship

In Uganda, about 31 000 women think they are not ready to have sexual relationship with their husbands without money. This crisis has seen the day after remarking that women are suffering of lack of needs and money for their homes, while men spend for alcohol.

Insisting on the fact that if men don’t want to take their responsibilities, they have to pay before having their sexual relationship at home with their wives. According to “THE NEW VISION” a newspaper in Uganda, in 2015, 150 housewives had claimed a payment from their husbands before having their sexual relationship.

Tina Musuya, a militant of women wrights and executive Director of a center of prevention against domestic violence (CEDOVIP) in Uganda, explain that “If men are irresponsible, and it’s the only way to gain money from them by their wives to keep their home, let them do it. While religious organization and Ugandans government qualify it as “unfear” and “senseless”.

“It’s right for a man to have sexual relationship with his wife” and again “Refusing sex to her husband, is unfear. Why did housewives have to ask for money to their husbands swapping with sexual relationship? This practice is a prove of lack of knowledge”,

has hardly declared the reverend father Simon Lokodo, Ugandan’s minister of integrity and ethics.



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