Cameroon: A season of prison break in ndop


An attack in the prison of Ndop in Ngokhetundjia division, in the North West region provoked elopement of prisoners.

It was at the night of last Saturday, 28th of July 2018 to Sunday, that a group of about 50 armed men arrived to attack the prison of Ndop in Ngokhetundjia division.

“They began shooting everywhere to broke up the door of the prison, before the put fire at the building”,

had declared Mr. William Benoît Emvoutu Mbita, the Divisional Officer of Ngokhetundjia division in North West. He added that these men came with fuel to provoke fire.

This attack ended with a number of more than 160 prisoners who escaped from their jail and ran away.

During this time of approach of presidential elections, tensions are getting higher in North West and South West regions. President Paul Biya has not yet asked to his children of North and South West regions; what they want to calm this tension.

This neglected matter of crisis in North West and South West regions can disturb the day of the presidential elections, if nothing is done to calm these tensions.



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