They are all fighting to become the head of state of Cameroon

Etoudi Palace, Cameroon
Etoudi Palace, Cameroon

Although some 20 political parties bow down in front of the powerful Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) party and aligned to it, others have decided to push forward and try to conquer the presidency.

They are 28 to register at the Elections Cameroon’s list to run for the candidacy for the 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon.

One of the candidates is Cabral Libii, head of the Universe Party (UP), is the youngest candidate of the list; Akere Muna, a Cameroonian lawyer, head of the People Development Front (PDF). We still have the powerful Social Democratic Front (SDF), the main opposition of the CPDM party for many years now; with at it head Joshua Osih who has hope of dethroning the 85 years old Paul Biya.

ELECAM now, is going to pass to selection according to conditions given to different candidates which one of the conditions is to pay an amount of 30 million at ELECAM to be retain for the running for the 2018 elections in the list which will be published at the 07th of August.

It is very important to underline that this is exceptional, because it has been noticed that this year there is a reduction of candidacy, while other year’s elections, there were more than sixty.



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