Cameroon : Why depriving the population from unused lands ?

When the people are looking to build and live, the government is playing the part of lion.

Gendarmerie Legion of Mardock in Ngaoundere
Gendarmerie Legion of Mardock in Ngaoundere. Photo Credit :

In many regions, there are the same things, the government lands which are not used, or a big lands belonging to the government having only two or three buildings on it, the rest is empty. Peoples are crying, looking lands to buy and build or to do agriculture on it, but there is not.

Old buildings of Delegations are everywhere. No body inside. The land is not more sold.

The Cameroon government has become the land eater against the population. Unused government lands are exposed everywhere with no owner.

“It is as if we don’t have to build. The government is seizing lands, not even to explore”,

declared Moussa André, an inhabitant of Ngaoundere.

As the Gendarmerie Legion of Mardock in Ngaoundere, this is occupying about 300 to 500 m2, with three to four buildings inside, and a large land remaining unexplored. Where will the population leave? What about the population?

Photo legende : Gendarmerie Legion of Mardock in Ngaoundere



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