Ngaoundere against HIV AIDS : Everybody has to know his serological statue

Ngaoundere against hiv aids.
Ngaoundere against hiv aids. Photo Credit :

The national launching for detection of HIV Aids in Cameroon was on the 1st of august 2018. But in Adamawa region, especially in Ngaoundere, it began on Monday, 13th August 2018 for three weeks.

Organized by African Cinergy and National Committee of fighting against HIV Aids, this campaign was to call upon populations, instruct on dangers of HIV Aids, detection and counseling of inhabitants.

In Ngaoundere many youths were recruit to do this campaign, call upon other to know their serological statue.

“Youths have to come and discover their serological statue by passing on detection, and together let’s fight against HIV Aids”,

declared Daniel Bade, logistician of GTR Aids, Adamawa.

This campaign is going on at Gabriel junction in Ngaoundere.

“I am a small boy but I am happy to know my serological statue”,

said Dieudonné Stephan, a student of class six in group 5 at Baladji two.



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