2018 Presidential Election in Cameroon: From man of God to head of state

The leader of the Movement of National Citizens of Cameroon (MNCC) is waking up.

Update on 09/03/2018

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Franklin Ndifor Afanwi is his name. The leader of the Movement of National Citizen of Cameroon was at the embassy of France and before at the African Union, to present his project toward Cameroonians if he is elected as head of state.

“I began with African Union then the Embassy of France. I will also share my visions with other diplomatcies”,

said the so called Man of God.

The founder of Kinship International Ministry also announces that he will visit each region of Cameroon to present his projects to his party members.

“We have built our team and in few days we will go round the regions of Cameroon to convince the population”,

he affirmed.

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