Society Health What's wrong with dust bins in Meiganga ?

What’s wrong with dust bins in Meiganga ?


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The town of Meiganga is the head of Mbere division. In this town there are many activities, but hygiene doesn’t have it place there. Pollution by dirt is high. At the entrance of the General hospital as for example it is a melting pot of dirt.

At the Muslim quarter, at the main road going to the primary school group I, there is a huge mountain of dirt smelling everywhere.

“The council of Meiganga is doing it best by recruiting young men to clean the town. The population too has to make an effort in this matter”,

said Salomon, the secretary of the mayor of Meiganga.

In the other side, the population are complaining that authorities don’t want to provide dust bins.

“We don’t have dust bins in our town, they want that we should throw our dirt where? We will put it everywhere that we see, even on the road until they provide dust bins to us”,

Awalou Ismaïla, a restaurant cook sustained. But in all this, sensibilization still have to be done

Mathieu Dilla Yadji
Mathieu Dilla Yadji is passionate about journalism. He is English correspondent of Adamawa


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