Matter of sexual education in form 2 of the francophone sub section : Pr Marcelin Mvoula Etoa responds


Everywhere on internet and radios, the great polemic on the so-called “sexual education” in the school program in form 2 on the francophone section is being debated.

The person in charge of the selection of school books proposed to students in Cameroon has reacted to this thought of sexual education discovered by teachers and parents, and seen a bad lesson. Last Saturday on the Crtv television, Pr Marcelin Mvoula Etoa, the permanent secretary of national counseling on agreement of school manuals and didactic materials has responded to this polemic.

“It is important to know that since the reform of programs of secondary educations in Cameroon, since 2014, the incriminated book and five others were chosen on the official lists”,

he explained.

During this interview, he explained that there were others containing modules on the reproduction healthiness, precisely on harmful sexual practices. According to Marcelin Mvoula, it wasn’t a deliberated choice :

“Excellence in science was seen and chosen as the best between six other science books of the class of 5ème, which were proposed”,

he declared. So to explain that, it was a motivated choice to prevent youths against harmful sexual activities and their consequences. He also added that it was to prevent children on this forbidden matter, because one day they will face these realities which could be destructive for them.

For, this lesson has made a great polemic, Pr Marcelin wish to remove the module between those of this concern class and he returns the debate to the ministry of secondary education saying that :

“ This matter will be debated with the ministry of secondary education in the inclusive manner and see if it could be maintain in other class or it should be totally removed from the educative system for the second cycle”.



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