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Instead of mining exploitation, it is child exploitation. Betare-Oya, a subdivision in East region, has become market of child traffic. It’s always one drop of water which overflows the vase. This matter of child traffic was known through a mysterious disappearance of a 2 years old child.

It was a prostitute, called Tistel who was the deliverer of children to these Chinese. When investigations took place by the elements of gendarmerie, this woman affirm of being the canal to these Chinese, that she sold the lost child to them.

When the gendarmerie elements went to verify the information at the Chinese company base, they got another affirmation from watchman

“When the watchman was arrested, he confirm to have seen the child”,

said a witness. The discovery was big because the gendarmes noticed that the 2 years old child was just a drop of water, 6 others have disappeared too at the same way.

In a locality where Chinese are not even well seen, this matter of child traffic is just like petrol thrown in the fire. Who knows what else these Chinese could be doing there apart of child traffic? And what have become the disappeared children? Those are the interrogations which are in the mine of these populations, and a roadway for investigation about this matter.

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