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A wise never die : “Without progress there is no possible peace, without peace there is no possible progress”

Koffi Atta Annan
Koffi Atta Annan

Born on the 08th of April 1938 in Kumasi (Ghana), husband of Nana Annan, and father of Kojo Annan, Nina Cronstedt de Groot, and Ama Annan, Koffi Atta Annan was the seventh secretary general of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006. He took the Nobel Prize of peace on the 10th of December 2001. Koffi Annan died last 18th August 2018 at the age of 80.

He was known all over the world through his thoughts and propos, in the domain of education, peace, politic, health, and even economics. These are some of his point of views on some important domains of his activities.

Health (HIV AIDS) – Education

Education and health are the two pillars on which we have to build a bright and pacific future. That’s what affirms Koffi Annan on the 1st of July 2002, at the occasion of opening found debate of the three days annual session of social and economical counseling of the United Nations Organization. His diverse declarations on the matter of HIV-Aids help to understand that it is a disease that is menacing the whole world so we need to fight it. On this topic, he said: “Aids is the major crisis for the continent, governments have to react”, “Education is the only strong medicine against Aids”, “I hope health will not finally be considered as a blessing to wish, but instead as a wright for which we have to fight”, “The role of education is important for the advancement of the woman”.

Liberty, Peace, Tolerance

Mr. Annan firmly believes to peace and liberty in the world. He estimates that tolerance is a virtue that each and every one has to cultivate: “Tolerance is the virtue that makes peace possible”, “It s for each and every one of us to cultivate the best in his nature and fight against the worst”, “It is ignorance, not knowledge that makes men to fight each against others”.

Durable Development

The secretary general of United Nations knew that the development of the world has to pass through hard work of women in the society : The challenge is to make of durable development, an abstract idea in appearance, a quotidian reality”.


Koffi Atta Annan was an African wise who reality fought against terrorism in the world, he declared that : “A terrorist attack against a country is an attack against the whole humanity”, “Peace, tolerance, human wrights, world economics, all suffered of terrorism”. Koffi Annan is not still but the wise never die, May his soul rest in perfect peace.