Sweet Potatoes : A neglected wealth in the Adamawa region


In the high North of Cameroon, it is commonly known as dankali, in the university area it is known as vap’s or the savior. Sweet potatoes remaind a meal with many vertues.

Well productive in the Adamawa region, the spud still remaind a neglected wealth in this region. It is more cultivated in rainy season, at the period of july to november. There are in varieties, some make three months others make four months to get ready.

In Meiganga as for example, where sweet potato is much produced, it is also sold at low price .

« we use to sell it at different prices. Around the month of september, we can sell a bucket of 15 liters at 2 500 frs, but by october it is already much in the market and the price can reduice to 1 500 frs or 1 800 frs »,

say Assabe Yorowe, a potato seller in Meiganga.

The Adamawa region is well known in the production of potato but what is wondering is that, no elite has seen good to create an industry of transformation of groundly wealth into other food like bread, or potato juice, however it is an element which can contribute to the dvelopment of the region. Why is this wealth not well explored for the advancement of the locality ? What is the importance of the signatures made with chinese cooperatives, if these don’t help of innovation in the region ?



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