Meeting of the CDPM party in Ngaoundere : A moment of promotion of paunchy ones

“Gathered as we are, is to make our campaign and assure a good result for our president, Paul Biya, on this next 07th October 2018”, Ali Bachir

Alhadji Abbo
Alhadji Abbo

It was on this Saturday 22nd of September 2018 that the CPDM party of Vina south section 1 does its campaign for the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon at the favor of their leader Paul Biya, president of the Republic of Cameroon.

The meeting was for the high ranking men because few were proletarians. They were, the governor of Adamawa region, the regional president of the CPDM party, sub divisional officers and other administrative members of Ngaoundere. Pupil who attended this meeting were surrounding 3000 to 3500 pupil. Dancing of different cultures was at the top of the day at the beginning of the ceremony.

Noises were everywhere around the Ndoumbe Oumar stadium, people were singing and dancing for their president Paul Biya. Added to the CPDM members, members of the NUDP, FSLC, MDA and other parties who accepted to sustain President Paul Biya through his efforts. The ceremony started with the national anthem, after which Ali Bachir, the president of CPDM party section of southern vina gave his welcoming words.

A speech through which he insolated the opposition parties by saying

“here has come the election of the president of the republic, 8 other compatriots are also fighting against the winner of all times. Many used of defeat have decided to continue their misadventure“.

To say that others are just adventurers and the only master of this election who can win is Paul Biya. CPDM party in Vina seems not to be for Anglophones although Cameroon is bilingual. Speeches were given only in French, what about Anglophones who came for this meeting? How could a big party who says to promote bilingualism and National unity could do it campaign without the other Cameroon speaking language?

Related to CPDM party representatives do their own speech to prove their attachment and their support to Paul Biya. The president of the NUDP Vina says :

“We are all supporting our president Paul Biya. President we need too that us from NUDP should have a place near you as Prime Minister, and other high ranking post in the government. All together we join our hands to support our President Paul Biya on this 07th of October 2018 presidential election”,

a call which was sustained by clapping. This ceremony ended with feast and dancing as at the beginning.


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