2018 Preseidential election : Cabral Libii, the Obama of Cameroon

Update on 09/25/2018
cabral libii meeting in Douala
Cabral Libii meeting in Douala

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Firstly he was welcomed in Edea, with clapping and cheering of many militants and sympathizers, this time he targeted Douala.

It was on the 23rd of September 2018 at the CICAM stadium that he mobilized all his sympathizers of Universe party of Littoral for his 2nd outing. This mobilization started since 3pm, he succeeded in mobilizing a great number of populations in Douala. What was wondering is that, he mobilized a huge number that no any candidate of this presidential election has done in Douala since campaign began, no one has gathered a number like this.

They were more than 10 000 pupil who came from everywhere of Douala to give their support to him. He reminds to everyone his vision of “a Cameroon who protected and deliver energies”. During this hot moment of campaign, he presented his political program. This was tipped and cheer to the population. Noises of support were everywhere, done by motor bike drivers and taxi drivers. This more than 10 000 pupil didn’t stop clapping for this young candidate. For many youths and sympathizers, Cabral Libii is the image of innovation in Cameroon.

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