Clash between Jacques Fame Ndongo and the political opponents

Jacques Fame Ndongo
Jacques Fame Ndongo

All these times, the French radio of information, RFI, invites candidates of each different political parties of the 2018 presidential election for an interview. Joshua Osih, Akere Muna then the minister of Higher education. Jacques Fame Ndongo was the called as the secretary of communication of the CPDM party to talk about the vision of his master Paul Biya and also he locked up the mouth of some representants of the opposition with his answers.

During this entertainment, Boisbouvier the journalist of this hot moment, reminds Jacques Fame Ndongo that it is because of Maurice Kamto that the conflict of Bakassi has been resolved. A man who never accepts defeat of his party, Fame Ndongo responds to him that Kamto could never have this opportunity,

“It is because of Paul Biya that Kamto was chosen and was nominated minister at that time”.

He still responds to Joshua Osih who qualified Paul Biya as an absent president. Joshua Osih thinks that Paul Biya is using army force and not political force to reign. The minister of higher education refutes this point of view by saying that it is not true, because if it was true, this country could have already be in fire and in blood and what people call Anglophone crisis, the name doesn’t corresponds, normally it is

“the question or the matter of Anglophone. And there is no problem in North West and South West regions, life are normal there”.

The secretary of communication of the CPDM party still added that Paul Biya at his age can still govern till 92 years. He tries to establish the program of Paul Biya “politically, Paul Biya will preserve national unity and peace” he said.



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