Ngaoundere : The new best customer of cholera disease


Cholera appears for the first time in Cameroon in 1971. Since 1990, many diseases were registered in 1991, 1996, 1998, 2004, 2010 and 2011. Between 2004 and 2013, statistics show that there were 46 172 cases between which already 1817 deaths, with a high rate of lethality of 3.9%.

Principal regions touched by this slow killer were North of Cameroon (North region, and Far North region), the southern Cameroon (littoral). According to the World Health Organizations, this disease manifest during the period of high rain.

  • National
    • 2011 – Bully Period
      • Case : 14 759
      • Deaths : 591
  • Annual average
    • Case : 2 415
    • Deaths : 99

South, East and Adamawa regions registered few suspected cases of cholera this last time. Since the epidemic of 2011, these regions put together, registered just 12 suspected cases of cholera, a bit above the number of registered cases in 2016 only in the Far North region.

Statistics of 2018

For the year 2018, three regions were localized between which the Adamawa region, that the statistics are still waited.


  • Total number of cases: 65 with 3 confirmed ;
  • 6/15 DC in epidemics.


  • Number of suspected cases: 35 with 3 confirmed ;
  • 2 DC in epidemics.

The high risk regions are:

  • Littoral with 26 suspected cases for, no confirmed ;
  • East region with 1 suspected case for, no confirmed ;
  • Far North region; no suspected case confirmed.

Total number of cumulated case is 142 for, 11 confirmed and 11 deaths. Global lethality percentage is 7.7%. But according to the minister of public health, the case of the center region has been cured, there is no danger again.

Why is Adamawa a good customer of cholera?

Days to days Ngaoundere is being transformed into a huge dustbin. In every street there is dirt that the population is gathering near the roadways, even in quarters. Although HYSACAM is trying its best to clean up the town, the inhabitant is still doing everything to pollute the atmosphere with dirt,

“It is a matter of being conscious because, some ones will say that they have sensibilize, how many times have radios spoke about this? The population has to be conscious of its own health. ISACAM is really working but the population cannot even help this company by keeping their environment clean”,

said Hamadama, a farmer of Ngaoundere. When Medias talk about cholera, it seems as if it has just become a song that everybody is tired to hear it. But it is to avoid this even that we see everywhere in Liberia and Sierra Leone.



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