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Cabral Libii at the 2018 presidential election : The man of vision in 11 acts

Cabral Libii
Cabral Libii

Since campaigns have launched for this presidential elections in Cameroon, each candidate is invited by a media to talk about his projects and visions in other to convince their sympathizers.

Once more on Tuesday 25th September 2018, Cabral Libii the president of the party of Universe was still called up on Canal 2 on the program “towards electors”, to speak to the pupil and sympathizers, to present his program and speech. During this moment, the baby candidate as many qualified him because of his young face and experience, proves from A to Z that Cameroon is not well and says that president Paul Biya is also afraid of his acts :

“Mr. Biya he himself is afraid, that is why he doesn’t want to leave the presidency. He is afraid that anyone could harm him. You know when you put your minister in jail, you still have to redoubt”.

During his speech, he put in doubt the slogan of the CPDM party which is “Paul Biya, the force of experience”. He touches every domains of life and in this speech he presented his vision in eleven acts. Without any fear, he presented his slogan which is “A Cameroon which protect and deliver energies”. Which protection was he talking about? “We are the chosen one because we don’t have the garbagy experience, we don’t have the experience of misery and poverty. We have to be governed by someone who has in heart the dream of bringing out his people from misery. So, the role of the state is to protect the population. We need a social protection, and also our energies have to be liberated. Delivering energies is bringing and every one compatriot to have access to the wealth of the nation, we are miserable although we are on our land. Why could we inherit from the lands of our fathers but we couldn’t rejoice of it?”