Cameroon – Anglophone crisis : Prison break season two of cameroon is turned in Wum (North West)

82 prisoners escaped from their jail on Wednesday 25th September 2018.


Last July it was at Ndop Division, especially in Ngohketungia at about 32 km from Bamenda that 160 prisoners escaped from their jail, because of an attack of armed men. It was the first time since this problem began in the Anglophone regions.

This time Wum was the target of secessionists. According to sources this Wednesday many prisoners escaped from the prison of Wum, in the North West region at around 98 km from Bamenda. This prison break seems to be provoked by the elements of secessionists arm force. They also carry up all weapons of that prison. The issue of security in those two Anglophone regions in only on mouths but truly in is getting from worse to worst since 2017.

Every day there are battle field wars between the secessionist members and the police force of Cameroon. We have in the Northern Cameroon the problem of Boko Haram, in the North and South West the problem of Anglophone Crisis. How will be the Election Day in those regions? We still have to see.


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