Cameroon – 2018 Prsidential election : Electoral fight

Since the announcement of these 2018 presidential elections, many people were already thinking of who will be the next president of Cameroon. Thoughts were expressed in quarters, in offices, this presidential election is at the top of discussions. Since elections are going on in Cameroon, this year is different in every fact.

It is already as a verbal fight, a style of war in which they don’t use weapons but instead words. This political verbal fight is between different sympathizers of different political parties, even between candidates. All this is to try to give a good image to one political party, it is a defense. Debates are done on different themes on the television and in radios. Representatives of different political parties are called to speak on their candidate.

In the quarter, it is worst you will hear sentences like “this old father still wants what? I will not vote for him. He has to live Cameroon for youths” expresses Fadil Abdoul from Ngaoundere. All this is against the CPDM’s president. Others express their love to their presidential candidate, just as, “me I betters vote Cabral Libii, he is still young and he has good visions for this country” says Lambert in Ngaoundere. Some friends even fight together because one spoke badly about the candidate of the other. Families have been divided because of this political matter, on the television you will listen thoughts like :

“President Paul Biya never there when his people were in need of him, he never went to Far North when Boko Haram was striking, nor in North West and South West regions since this Anglophone problem began, he is not a good father for this nation”,

words from Camille Nelle, journalist of investigation.

But those of the CPDM don’t cheer this point of view; they always have something to say to support their candidate Paul Biya. The CPDM party a party of words, of every times winner still has hoped to win this time again. According to them it is normal that Paul Biya should not make the round of Cameroon for the campaign as others because at the CPDM party they have their strategy :

“the door to door campaign is a strategy, Mr. Paul Biya cannot be everywhere at once, that’s why we are doing it for him”,

sustained Julien Moulithe, Director of the Cicam stadium.

Others give worship to this CPDM president to express his experiences in politics. That’s why he is still till now; Pascal Messanga of the CPDM party sustained “according to the Article 5, it is the president who assures the security of Cameroonians. President Paul Biya has his own strategies that are why my candidate, the awesome Paul Biya is still at the Etoudi and he will still be”. Sometimes during the debate, anger can wake up; some parties even reach at the level of refusing that other candidate of other political party should not pass on the TV to express himself. It is the case of Garga Haman who was chase on CRTV not to pass at the debate.

A political campaign is not a matter of war. Belonging to a different political party is not a crime; it is a choice that each and every one has to do. Peace has to be preserved in Cameroon, so together hand in hand this to build Cameroon



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