Top News News What the government expects from the staff Delegates

What the government expects from the staff Delegates


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“We are suspected of being in connive with employers and employees. We are always seen as people who worried so much and those who have too much problems at times who ask much”, Ngnintedem Abraham, staff delegate of the Mazenod College in Ngaoundere.

Since about three months, now the Northern part of Cameroon has become a passage field of different ministers of Cameroon. This time, is Gregoire Owona, the minister of labor and social security who was in Ngaoundere to meet all the staff delegates for a meeting of supervision of work in different administrative structures during this moment of high tensions in the Cameroon territory.

During this meeting which took place in the conference hall of the woods of Mardock, this minister insists on roles of staff delegates, how to maintain a good climate of peace in their services and enterprises. In an area of exchanges of questions and answers between the minister and staff Delegates, problems of employees of the Adamawa region were underlined and answers were given, between which :

“problem, there is and there will always be, but the matter is the staff delegates to know how to solve these problems. They have to do their jobs with engagement and let them use implements which are at their disposition”,

said Gregoire Owona.

“Staff delegates have an important role in promoting social peace in their services and enterprises. A staff delegate has an obligation of disponibility and being an example. A staff delegate is not an opponent; that’s why he gains protection from the government, which permits to him to rejoice of his role”,

the minister added.

Many problems were heard and solutions too were found to these. Having the pressure of campaign, Gregoire Owona was hurrying up to go just after the meeting, and is what was done.

Mathieu Dilla Yadji
Mathieu Dilla Yadji is passionate about journalism. He is English correspondent of Adamawa


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