Ngaoundere : Meeting of sensibilization of medias during this preisential election

Alfaki Abdouramane
Alfaki Abdouramane. Photo credit :

“You journalists, have to work in three principals, which are transparency, pluralism, and balance”, Alfaki Abdouramane.

It was at the regional Delegation of Communication of Ngaoundere that a meeting was launched to give an advice and assure that these different actors of media do not react badly during this moment of presidential election.

During this hot moment, many things were said and cheered. Many media were represented, between which STV, CRTV, LE JOUR, and even CHATEAUNEWS and many others were there to cheer this cake of the day. The goal of this meeting was defined :

“the goal of this meeting was to remind the media about the fundamental principals of mediates recovering during this electoral period, the principal of equity, pluralism and transparency”,

declare Mr. Alfaki Abdouramane, member of the CNC.

Questions were asked to different channels which are in Adamawa region to know how they do to cover up each campaign and to talk about this presidential election; and answers were given by each representative of each media, although some television channels which were there does not know their own program. After the briefing, the representative of ELECAM took the floor to explain the secret of Elections Cameroon through this period of campaign :

“political parties have to put at the level of Elecam their program of campaign”.

He added that in Adamawa region there were 430 919 subscribed people for 1 485 vote offices.

Accompanied by the Regional Delegate of communication of the Adamawa region, the she also gave her own point of view to call upon vigilance of media “there are certain number of things that journalist must not do. They must respect the laws, they must talk about election with equity and they must not do propaganda”.


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